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Google Wave Gaming

In a sort-of follow-up to the previous post about the future of gaming, and gaming with technology, I started thinking about how Google Wave could be used for gaming in general.

What is Google Wave? I like to think of Google Wave as a collaboration platform that allows multiple people to "grow" a document, as well as add comments, and many other things. Someone put it like "If email were invented today, it would look like Google Wave."

Since it is a flexible platform, I was curious if it would be possible to use it as a virtual board gaming platform. I am still investigating that matter, and I think, so far, "maybe".

As a first step onto this road, I created a quick dice-rolling gadget for Google Wave:

Google Wave Dice-Rolling Gadget

Google Wave Dice-Rolling Gadget

If you want to use the gadget, add it by clicking on the "Add Gadget by URL" button with the following URL:

Note that this is a specific version of the gadget. The newest can always be found on my GitHub account, but if you switch to a new version, it might not work with your saved state. Hence, using the correct version of the gadget is important.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

  1. ale8oneboy on Tuesday 3, 2009

    Very interesting use of Google Wave’s platform. I think you may be on to something. I’m going to request an invite to learn more about Google Wave.